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Susan Allward Award

smiling womanSusan Allward is one of Ontario Tech’s brightest stars, whose inspiring career has shone with passion, warmth and strength. After playing a starring role in the success of many students during her illustrious career, the incomparable Susan is taking her final bow and heading for retirement.

Susan has had an incalculable effect on thousands of students during her time at Ontario Tech. She has inspired, enriched and supported student development through financial aid and awards. As a tireless champion of our future leaders, she has influenced policy change and has been an assiduous advocate for accessible and equitable education for all those pursuing a degree.  

In recognition of Susan’s legacy of consistent excellence, uncommon versatility and unwavering commitment to the students of Ontario Tech, we are proud to establish an award in her name.  

Ontario Tech University employees can also support our students through monthly payroll donations.

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