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Faculty Undergraduate Awards


Students in Ontario Tech shirts

Supporting a student at an undergraduate level can have a life-changing impact.

Your gift ensures that students across the university have access to our world-class educational opportunities. Students are now faced with higher fees and living costs than ever before. We aim to secure as many scholarships and bursaries as possible to help alleviate the financial pressures preventing them from starting or finishing their degree.

Your investment in a faculty undergraduate award demonstrates your understanding of the need to build support for students now and in the future. Awards funded by donors, provide a powerful message to students about philanthropy, community and giving back.

Six bursaries, valued at $1,000 each, will be provided annually to full-time, undergraduate students enrolled in each of our faculties. Each award recognizes students based on academic standing, exceptional leadership through school and community involvement and financial need. The recipients will be selected by the Student Awards office of the university.

All donations to the Faculty Undergraduate Awards will be matched by the Ontario Tech University Board of Governors’ Matching Fund until the fund is fully subscribed. 

“As a Teaching Professor at Ontario Tech, I see first-hand the impact that the financial constraints place on our students”. Asifa shares stories of overtaxed students struggling with exhaustion due to attending school while taking on full-time or multiple part-time jobs to meet various financial obligations. “Each student’s capacity to learn strongly relies on a body and mind nourished by balanced nutrition and adequate sleep. I believe by supporting our undergraduate bursaries you help alleviate some of the financial pressure that a student is facing. This can make a difference for someone from struggling to excelling in their studies.”

A community of support can change a life.

Asifa Aamir
Associate Professor - Teaching, Faculty of Business & IT