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Student Relief Fund

COVID-19 has created unprecedented changes and difficulties for many. We are grateful to our faculty and staff who made it possible for our students to complete their coursework online. They are now completing exams remotely, a new experience for most.

Although the Federal Government has proposed new funding for students, we know that it still won’t be enough for many of our students. Many of our students have immediate financial needs due to current lack of employment and they are also concerned that they will be unable to afford to return or even start their studies due to financial pressures caused by cancelled or limited summer jobs. To help, we have created the Ontario Tech Student Relief Fund to provide support for the needs of our full and part-time undergraduate and graduate domestic and international students. 

We want to give our students the confidence that their community is here for them. Ontario Tech students are innovators, and they are learning a great deal from this historic pandemic and will lead us to think and work in different ways. They are our future.

To help, Ontario Tech created a $1 Million Matching Fund for all donations to the Student Relief Fund, regardless of amount. We are grateful to the Student Union and Societies who recently donated to support their fellow students in this unprecedented time of need. 

If you are in a position to do so, please consider supporting this fund. We thank you for thinking of our students.

Donate Now

If you are an Ontario Tech University employee, you can make your gift through payroll deduction.

If you are an Ontario Tech student who needs to apply for support please go to MyCampus and fill out the application for bursaries. 


Thank you to our donors!