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Cybersecurity Ambassador Program

What is the Cybersecurity Ambassador Program?

Launched in 2019, the Cybersecurity Ambassador Program was developed to support males and females in grades 5 to 8 to become cybersecurity leaders. The program offers education and skill development for digital citizenship, making smart choices online, programming/development and career path awareness by using interactive, creative and hands-on training.

We are driven to promote and foster education and awareness in cybersecurity to inspire students to pursue careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) areas.

The program is offered to the entire class of students in grades 5 to 8. It is offered in virtual interactive sessions with teachers moderating in the classroom. The sessions are facilitated by Ontario Tech cybersecurity faculty members and sponsors’ cybersecurity experts. There are more than 25 classes including 550 students involved in the program.

With sponsorship support, we are able to offer the program at no cost to the school boards and students. We are also able to offer rewarding incentives to the students involved.  Sun Life Financial is the platinum sponsor for the program this year and has been a valued sponsor since the program’s inception.  


Program enrolment opens in September and is promoted across Durham Region and within school boards. The selection of participants will be determined by school personnel and teaching professionals based on the evaluation criteria provided by Ontario Tech University.

  • September to October: Promotion and enrollment for the program
  • November to June: Virtual/in-person sessions
  • May: Poster competition and awareness campaign
  • June: Wrap-up session with recognition hosted by the sponsor(s)
  • August: Optional 4-day summer camp

2022/2023 Program Outlook

The program will be refreshed in 2022/2023 to include both in-person and virtual learning opportunities for the children to maximize learning experiences. There will be sponsorship opportunities available. For sponsorship and program inquiries, please contact Julie Olden, Director, Corporate Engagement and Development.

How you can help

Supporting children in STEM is a priority of Ontario Tech University. The program requires up to $35,000 for core funding and other tools and equipment to ensure success. Donations will also support funding for students who have identified financial need as well as experiential learning opportunities for all participants.

This program has proven to spark an interest in children in STEM education and will help to increase gender parity in STEM careers in the future.

Thank you to our current program sponsor.

                                                                      Platinum program sponsors




2021/2022 Cybersecurity Ambassador Awareness posters

 Cybersecurity Ambassador Program posters designed by students