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Let's celebrate our fifth-annual Pi Day of Giving virtually this year.  314logo.jpg

Ontario Tech Virtual Speaker Series – March 14 - 25, 2022 (Monday to Friday)
All sessions start at noon, via Zoom. Each session will feature a brief presentation followed by the opportunity for participants to ask questions. Registration is required, zoom event details will be emailed following registration.

Monday, March 14

A Brilliant Future: Building a Net Zero World with Jacquie Hoornweg, Executive Director, Brilliant Energy Institute

Ontario Tech University's Brilliant Energy Institute (BEI) was created to be help drive the transition to Net Zero. But what exactly does that mean? Find out from BEI's new executive director what needs to happen to solve climate change and to ensure a bright future for all Canadians and people around the world.  Learn what we can do as ordinary people to help build a sustainable planet and what we are doing right here at Ontario Tech.

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Tuesday, March 15

Pathways to Modern Finance with Dr. Xinyao (Joseph) Zhou and Dr. Karolina Krystyniak, Faculty of Business and Information Technology

The presentation will discuss how we bring cutting edge technology and resources to teaching finance, preparing our graduates for a demanding and fast-paced job market. We support our student success inside and outside of classroom via access to state of the art finance lab and technology-oriented teaching, CFA affiliation, experiential learning tools and business competitions. We offer courses covering the most current topics such as blockchain and cryptocurrency and we have ambitious plans for the future including the new Masters in Financial Data Analytics and Student Investment Fund.

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Wednesday, March 16

The Crucial Role and Scope of Ergonomics with Dr. Nick La Delfa, Faculty of Health Sciences 

Over the past two years, many of us have had to work and study from home in less-than ideal environments. This experience has likely demonstrated the crucial role ergonomics plays in maintaining productivity and reducing musculoskeletal pain and injury. In this talk, Dr. La Delfa will discuss the importance of good ergonomics, highlight traditional risk factors for injury, and will offer some low-cost strategies to optimize your home workspace. The talk will finish with a look to the future by highlighting how exoskeletons, virtual reality and other emerging technologies can be incorporated as effective ergonomics interventions.

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Thursday, March 17

Physical and Mental Health in the Digital Age
with Dr. Jennifer Laffier and Dr. Bobby Stojanoski , Faculty of Education and Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Digital wellness is a 21st century skill we all need right now. In this talk, Dr. Laffier will explain why it’s important for people living in this turbulent and digital age to develop healthy habits and strategies to manage technology use for all ages.  Dr. Stojanoski will discuss the merits of online "brain training" by addressing whether it improves cognition, what it does to the brain, the evidence behind brain improvement apps, and how this work pertains to mental and physical health.

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Friday, March 18

CSI at Ontario Tech: How bloodstains and biomolecules are giving us new insights into forensic analyses with Dr. Theresa Stotesbury, Faculty of Science

Do you ever wonder what types of questions forensic chemists and researchers can answer in relation to crime scene investigation? Do the TV shows actually stack up? In forensic science scenarios, bloodstained evidence is often collected and analyzed only to address the questions of “who” (through source identification by linking DNA to an individual) and “how” (mechanistically by bloodstain pattern analysis). The “when” (time since deposition, TSD) and “what else” (new and improved techniques) is often overlooked and can provide critical medico-legal information for these investigations. In this presentation, Dr. Stotesbury will describe the research in our laboratory that is developing new analytical methods to estimate the TSD of bloodstains. She will also describe how we are creating novel biomaterials that can act like forensic tissue simulants for research and training. If this interests you, come by to see how bloodstains and biomolecules are improving our methods for crime scene investigation at Ontario Tech and around the world!

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Monday, March 21

Wicked Problems [and worries of the world] with Dr. Dan Hoornweg, Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

Covid, conflict, climate change .. oh dear, what’s next? Has civility left the building? What does flipping a switch to turn on our lights, or driving off in a new car, have to do with Lyme disease, political unrest and soon-to-be-built cities in Africa? This talk tries to weave together a few of the key challenges and opportunities affecting Ontario, Canada and the rest of the world.

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Tuesday, March 22

Fueling the Talent [Pi]ipeline with Rachel Sumner, Ontario Tech Talent

A post-pandemic world needs problem solvers & critical thinkers who embrace lifelong learning, foster a growth mindset and are comfortable with uncertainty. To thrive and stay competitive, one needs to proactively engage in updating their skills on an on-going basis.

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Wednesday, March 23

Activating Innovation: The role of collaboration between Incubators and Angel Investors Osman Hamid, Brilliant Catalyst and Angel Investor

In this session, we will discuss the various ways that incubators can assist aspiring entrepreneurs with turning their ideas from a concept into a tangible business and how incubators act as a safe space for individuals who are interested in entrepreneurship to learn essential skills in a low-risk environment. Osman will lead a conversation with experienced angel investors to discuss how collaboration between incubators and angel groups provides entrepreneurs with essential validation points that assist with determining whether they should continue on their path or pivot towards an idea with a stronger value proposition.

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Thursday, March 24

Truth and Reconciliation: Beyond 94 Calls to Action with Alyssa McLeod, Indigenous Community Engagement Coordinator, Ontario Tech University

This session will provide an overview of the principles of Reconciliation as referenced in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report and 94 Calls to Action, which was released in 2015. Learn about how you can contribute to reconciliation efforts in your everyday life and how Ontario Tech is responding to Truth and Reconciliation and the 94 Calls to Action. 

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Friday, March 25

Energy Sustainability: A Critical Quest
with Dr. Marc Rosen, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

In this presentation, Dr. Rosen will discuss how sustainable development is a critically important goal for human and societal activity. Energy sustainability is of great importance to any plans for overall sustainable development. This is particularly important given the pervasiveness of energy use, its importance in economic development and living standards, and its impacts on the environment. The latter includes climate change. 

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Don't forget to register for our Pi Day of Giving Trivia happening on March 14 and 7 p.m.! Check out all the details on our Pi Day of Giving Trivia page.