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Women for STEM Fund

What is the Women for STEM Fund?

The Women for STEM Fund is an opportunity for women students to fulfil their potential in innovative science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-based fields and to inspire and celebrate women as innovators, entrepreneurs and change agents.

The goal for our first year is to create a $100,000 expendable fund to offer 20 new entrance scholarships valued at $5,000 each, for women students in STEM disciplines at our university.

Donors can name funds within the Women for Women Fund for expendable gifts of $5,000 or more. The Board of Governors Matching Fund will match all donations of $5,000 or more until the fund is fully subscribed.

The 20 Women for STEM award recipients will also be paired with a senior mentor in their first year. The mentorship portion of the program will provide a variety of opportunities for students to receive encouragement and support throughout their university years.

Fundraising goal

  • Thank you to everyone who contributed to the fund creating 20 new entrance awards for this fall. We are excited to welcome 20 Women for STEM Scholarship recipients.
  • $140,000 to provide 20 new entrance scholarships and 20 in-course awards for the 2020-2021 academic year.


Double the impact of your gift. Give now and your donation will be matched by the Board of Governors' Matching Fund. Matching fund available until fully subscribed. All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt for original value of gift. Charitable Business Number #85924 8049 RR0001.