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Estate gifts

Will power: that's the power to use the assets accumulated over a lifetime of accomplishment to provide for your loved ones as you see fit. You can also use your will power to leave a gift (called a bequest) in your estate plans to support Ontario Tech University students after your needs and those of your loved ones have been met.

You can leave a bequest in your estate plans by including:

  • A residual amount or a portion of your estate, e.g. 10 per cent.
  • A specific dollar amount or an asset such as your house, cottage or artwork.

Benefits of a bequest gift

  • You have the power to access your assets in your lifetime.
  • Your estate will realize tax-savings while at the same time you have supported Ontario Tech University students.
  • You can change your mind: a bequest can be revoked or modified if your circumstances change.

Wording your bequest

“I give to the University of Ontario Institute of Technology at Oshawa, Ontario, Canada the sum or $_____ (or per cent of my estate) for the use and purposes of the university as its Board of Governors may determine.”

View Bequest Samples