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Igor Khoch

An entrepreneur with a drive for business problem-solving

Igor KhochWhile Igor Khoch started a traditional accounting career, his predilection for problem-solving has taken him in an inventive entrepreneurial direction. Igor is the founder of Last Minute Accountant. “My niche is companies with revenues up to $25 million,” he says. “Few other accounting firms focus on this size of business.” Nor do many provide what his firm does: solutions for urgent startup, growth and turnaround issues.

Since founding the company in 2011, this University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) alumnus (class of 2008) now works with more than 20 businesses to optimize the performance of their accounting systems. He puts his clients’ books in order, enabling them to produce timely and accurate financial information they can use to make informed decisions and improve cash flow, performance and profitability.

By providing diverse and responsive services, he has established a reliable reputation and is quickly building his client base. Several accountants now work as associates for his firm and he plans to hire more as the business expands. He focuses primarily on real estate, investment, manufacturing, transportation and retail sectors but is eager to expand this scope.

While he develops and deepens his client relationships, he is also broadening his service offerings and expanding his list of professional designations. He has LEAN management experience in expense reduction procedures. He acquired his Certified Management Accountant designation in 2011, and his Chartered Professional Accountant designation in 2014. This year he also received certification as a Payroll Compliance Practitioner, and he is currently working on becoming a Certified Payroll Manager. A Master of Taxation degree may be the next goal.

Igor would also like to get into teaching professionally. Since his days as a Commerce student at UOIT, he has run a side business as a private instructor for undergraduate and graduate accounting students. While he was in university, he was inspired by several professors who showed him how to help people by mastering accounting, tax, strategy and marketing. He applied this knowledge to develop a teaching concept that simplified accounting textbook chapters into 30-minute lesson plans. He’d like to expand on this approach and teach university students how theoretical accounting works in the real world and how it impacts companies and people.

Igor believes success lies in one’s determination to learn more. “As soon as you stop learning, you stop progressing,” he says. He is committed to his own personal and professional development, and is looking forward to helping others learn by sharing what he discovers on his high-speed journey.

Igor Khoch
Class of 2008
Bachelor of Commerce
Owner, Last Minute Accountant