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Fred and Susan Dermarkar

Fred and Susan DermarkarThey gave Andrew Carlisle 200 hours-worth of time for study. Hours spent hitting the books, rather than days
juggling jobs to pay for his education.

That’s how Susan and Fred Dermarkar affected first-year Nuclear Engineering student Andrew, through the M. Georges Dermarkar Scholarship.

As a PhD candidate teaching undergraduate courses, Susan had seen first-hand how academic performance thrives when students can focus on their studies, rather than their part-time pay cheques. For her, creating a bursary was of the utomost importance so they could give a helping hand to those hard-working students who need it to complete their studies. Susan also wanted to establish a travel grant to provide access to students who want to participate and present at conferences.

"Networking at conferences, meeting and hearing important scholars in your field, it creates a real sense of enthusiasm and purpose," she said. 

Both Fred and Susan believe strong and deep foundations create the strongest buildings. By investing in students today, they contribute to the sustainability and prosperity of tomorrow. 

The Dermarkar family, like many of our donors, want their donation to affect students’ lives—directly. Through scholarships, bursaries and travel grants, the Dermarkars and other donors let students focus on their education; helping today’s high-performing student, become tomorrow’s citizen leader.

"An education is important for the success of all young people. It is also essential for the good of the country; an educated population makes for an open-minded and caring society.”
– Susan Dermarkar
Donor, M. Georges Dermarkar Scholarship
Dermarkar Family Bursary and Experiential Learning Awards