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Miles Goacher has noticed a change in his hometown.

“And it happened right outside my office window,” he notes. “The university revitalized the downtown core and it transformed Oshawa from a manufacturing town to an education centre.”

As Vice-Chair of the university’s Board of Governors, Miles has played a role in many of our achievements over the last five years. But with growth comes growing pains, and he has watched our students struggle to find space to study, collaborate and learn.

“We have a bit of a conundrum: we want to accept more students but need additional space for the students we already have,” Miles says. “Investing in new buildings gives them a place to express ideas, collaborate and grow, and ultimately gives them the best student experience possible.”

Miles wants to provide our students with the best possible experience and it starts with building out our campus.

“The ability to give to an institution that has changed our community for the better is incredibly rewarding,” he says. “We need to continue to build the university.”

Miles recently pledged his support of the new Software and Informatics Research Centre (SIRC), a building that will increase our capacity in engineering and informatics, and provide much-needed student space.

As an investment advisor, he knows where to best direct his money to see the greatest return, and he feels an investment in the university benefits our students and the community. Philanthropy is a part of his business plan and he encourages others to contribute to the community.

“I am just one person, but I hope I can inspire others to do more.”