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Real Tech understands entrepreneurship. The need to bring new and intuitive ideas to the table, the capital required to launch and the failure that can come before building a successful venture.

Co-founder and CEO Jodi Glover has experienced all of it on her startup journey and she wants to give back to the future entrepreneurs at our university.

“We, as a community, need to do what we can to keep pushing the boundaries of education,” says Jodi. “The opportunities students face today are exponential, and partnering with the university helps to provide a cutting-edge education to prepare our young people for the jobs and businesses of the future.”

Jodi helps prepare our entrepreneurial students for the future. She gladly shares her experiences and expertise with students in our Brilliant Entrepreneurship program, acting as a judge at pitch competitions and speaking at workshops and special events. She has witnessed our students’ drive and fire and they have inspired her to support the Firefly Student Entrepreneurship Fund.

“Young people today have more knowledge at their fingertips and more technologically advanced ideas than ever before,” she says. “Giving to the Firefly allows Real Tech to pay it forward and to provide opportunities for today’s students to test their own entrepreneurial spirit.”

Brilliant events and the ideas our students bring to competitions make Jodi incredibly excited for the future. By sharing the journey of entrepreneurship, she and Real Tech inspire, encourage and empower our Brilliant students to go beyond their own expectations, to take risks, and to never stop pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

“My own entrepreneurial experience as a student changed my life,” Jodi explains. “So, to contribute to a cause to help other students fulfill their visions for their business ventures…I know that can have a lasting impact.”