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Ruth Richards knows how challenging it can be to pay for a post-secondary education. The Criminology graduate knows some of her peers still struggle to pay their student loans. She wants to see them achieve their career goals, especially if they choose to return to campus to further their education.

A proud alumna, Ruth serves on the Alumni Association Council. With its mission to connect, inspire and support our network of graduates, the council develops programs and services to promote lifelong success and alma mater pride.

The council knows our alumni are our greatest ambassadors and they build the university’s reputation with their achievements. That’s why they established the Returning Alumni Award, providing financial support to graduates who return to the university for additional studies.

“The university allowed us to have best of everything; a great education, cultural diversity, and exposure to advanced technology,” says Ruth. “It laid the foundation for many successful alumni today.”

Matthew Fawcett, former Chair of the Alumni Association Council, also supports the award. He believes the unique university experience instills a great deal of pride in our alumni.

“The Returning Alumni Award is a great opportunity to give back to graduates who want to return to the university––whether they want to better themselves or change the world,” says Matthew “I think when we as alumni can give back to our peers, we can really make a difference.