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Tino Kamungeremu

Tino on UB stairsTino Kamungeremu has an insatiable ambition. When the second-year Mechatronics student was accepted into his program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology he had one all-consuming goal in mind: to be at the forefront of the autonomous vehicle movement. “I want to contribute to the development of technology that has positive effects on society,” he says.

When Tino arrived on campus, he was immediately impressed by the wide range of classes, professors’ commitment to their students and how smart his fellow students proved to be. He felt at home and ready for anything.

“I was attracted by the friendly, supportive atmosphere and the tech-enriched facilities and learning environment,” he says.

Tino’s fascination with robots began at a young age and continued through high school, where he took a keen interest in math and science. He dreams of one day working for Google who is racing to develop fully autonomous vehicles to meet the demands of an increasingly connected and fast-paced world.

As the eldest child of a single parent family and a first generation immigrant, Tino was further motivated to achieve his educational goals when he received the Lenovo Canada Inc. Access bursary in 2018.  “When I received this award, it gave me a sense of inspiration knowing there are people out there that are supporting me.” 

When he’s not attending lectures or working in the lab, Tino can be found playing intermural sports and hopes to make the university basketball team.